Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So....Just What Constitutes a Miracle?????

As I readied for bed last night, I checked my usual Facebook and email messages. I received a cryptic message from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, specializing in miracles. Thus I began to examine what would a real miracle for Daisy's look like??? The instant I began to search, in came the human emotions of anticipation,elation,suspicion, and doubt. day, new perspective....real answer. The miracles of Daisy's all have names and faces and clear eyes. The miracles are the grains of rice and drops of water we get to provide for each day. The miracles are the laughter of a wonderful Honduran woman who has touched my heart and soul beyond belief. She laughs amid such excruciating need all around her. She says her hair hurts thinking about how hard life is for her people. By the end of our conversation we have exchanged sorrows and hopes and dreams and instructions for using the miracles that come in the way of American dollars to ease the burdens of life in this small village. Miracles look like......the opportunity to know and feel and share the pain, the perseverance to realize that sharing this is a true gift within the challenges. Miracle.....being allowed to be the voice of a lot of little miracles......Yester, Lucy, Sindy, David, Gladys, Yahir,Jessenia,Roberto,Carla, Joyeis.........

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