Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The morning began with serving a full breakfast of fritas- a sweet fried dough, milk, and fresh watermelon. Plates were refilled as soon as they were emptied and washed. Being in the kitchen is like being part of a well orchestrated machine. Lots of hugs and well wishes for the day ahead. A visit to the local kindergarten to pass on supplies and visit. A quick teaching moment over a few number puzzles, then on to the local clinic to meet briefly with the doctor. We have a child with an oral bacterial infection. Instructions to the Mom as well as the purchase of bananas and gatorade to be made into popsicles with words of sympathy, encouragement, and instructions for the use of the liquid pain reliever carried in a suitcase. An afternoon spent meeting with the parents of the guarderia and collecting family information, heights, weights, and photos. We finished with 108 today!!! Then onto a meeting with the mayor to continue the discussion of the repair of the old kindergarten and setting up a meeting with local doctors, mayors, and rotarians to secure the shipping of a container of medical equipment ! Now to relax over a delicious dinner and the arrival of the thunderstorm we can hear approaching. I am certain that the night will bring well deserved sleep to us all. Buenos noches amigos!

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