Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tormentas y Tamales

After the strongest storm I have been witness to in Honduras, the day Thursday began with water and mud throughout the guarderia. Nothing a couple of brooms and a mop couldn't cure as well as a wheelbarrow and shovel. Friday found us traveling to the hospital in Santa Barbara to meet with a local pediatrician who is also the new president of the local rotary. Her mother-in-law is by divine intervention, the mayor. We met to discuss transportation of medical equipment in partnership with Partners for World Health. Another door of hope opens. Not to mention visiting the post-cesarian section of the maternity ward, where two mothers and two babies shared one bed. Saturday brought us to a local home to make authentic tamales to sell to raise money for the youth group of the church in preparation for Pastors' Day. 215 total made in an outdoor kitchen, wrapped in banana leaves, and cooked over an open rudimentary stove. Now-more rain. I sit on the porch watching one of our poorest families making their way up hill with two wheelbarrows filled with their children as two more following. Nothing here is easy. Wonders never cease!

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