Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I am finally able to access technology (though I haven't really missed it- too busy enjoying my Honduran family). Travel went smoothly and both Ashley and I arrived with all our luggage. Monday was spent solely with the children in the guarderia. Daniella taught us how to make authentic tortillas. Ash and I made enough for all the children (104) as Daniella cooked them on a flat griddle on the stove. The rest of the day was spent in joyful and often tearful reunions. Tuesday became a day of difficult travel to purchase food for the children. The only bridge at the base of the mountain to cross the river no longer exists due to an apparent wash out, leaving only one option to get from here to there- drive down the narrow mountainous pathway used by local farmers to move their cattle to grazing ground. Needless to say- lots of prayers, a few incidences of quiet gasping, and more prayers. The return trip via a different route through Chinda was not much better but a new learning curve. The afternoon was spent teaching some of the original children in the project how to play 'baseball' via Buoy Bats. So heartwarming to see these sad little faces turn around in sheer joy. I can still hear the full belly-roll giggling. The evening brought a church service where we were welcomed and the tears flowed freely as all sang the original song adopted by Daisy's. Today- visit with the mayor, hoping to coordinate with a local farmer to raise pigs for meat for the children, and whatever is brought our way. Feeling completely blessed- love to you all! Wish you were here! :)

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